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Wine in Moderation News
Initiatives from Members


Bodegas de Argentina puts Wine in Moderation's Programme forward during annual forum

Bodegas de Argentina puts Wine in Moderation's Programme forward during annual forum

Bodegas de Argentina has been a part of the Wine in Moderation programme since 2013, making it the first country outside of the EU to join the movement. Their commitment to encourage the moderate and responsible consumption of wine has been an integral part of all their activities since they joined Wine in Moderation. Something they continue to do by dedicating resources in education and communication programmes to encourage the sustainable consumption of wine, particularly in light of the current political discussions surrounding a “zero tolerance” approach to alcohol.

A topic that was also discussed in the occasion of Argentina’s sectoral annual forum, where they discussed the current state of the sector and their plans for 2023. Several sessions surrounding the topic of sustainability were discussed by wine experts from various regions of the country.

When discussing the “zero tolerance” law for alcohol, Bodegas de Argentina took the opportunity to talk about Wine in Moderation by informing those present about the activities and message of the programme, which is to encourage responsible wine consumption through education and communication.