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„Wine in Moderation“ programos naujienos:
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Wine in Moderation at VINOEURO 2024

Wine in Moderation at VINOEURO 2024

Wine in Moderation was present at this year’s edition of VINOEURO, which took place between 22-25 May 2024, in Portugal.

The football tournament, organised by the Union of European national football teams of winemakers, saw the participation of teams of winemakers from 8 European countries, united in their desire to present the combination of wine and football as common cultural heritage: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Not only was Wine in Moderation represented by the German team ‘Die Weinelf’, a committed Supporter of the programme, but former Wine in Moderation President George Sandeman was present on behalf of one of the WiM National Coordinators in Portugal, ACIBEV, to give a talk on the cultural significance of wine, in the frame of VINOEDUCA conference series on ‘Wine, Sport and Culture’.

The talk focused on how moderation is a key part of the wine culture and the importance of defending the right to enjoy wine in moderation in face of increasing pressure from temperance driven media. The audience was presented with the “Choose, Share, Care” mission of WiM, and the final segment highlighted the need to inform consumers about when not to drink as well as how to appreciate wines to their fullest.

The highly anticipated final showdown of the tournament took place on Saturday, 25 May between Portugal and Hungary, crowning Hungary as the winner of this year’s edition of VINOEURO.

Congratulations to Hungary for the victory and to all the teams that participated in such an important cultural event! It is today more crucial than ever to continue showcasing the importance of responsible drinking and wine's historical cultural heritage.