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„Wine in Moderation“ programos naujienos:
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Born to be Wine: Health effects linked to the moderate consumption of wine discussed at OIVE’s annual event

Born to be Wine: Health effects linked to the moderate consumption of wine discussed at OIVE’s annual event

Madrid, July 9, 2019 - The Spanish Interprofessional Organisation of Wine (OIVE) held its annual meeting on July 1st in Madrid. Titled “Born to Be Wine”, the event brought together representatives of the entire wine value chain and sought to discuss the contribution of the wine sector in Spain, the projects of the OIVE for the coming years and the trending topic of wine and health.

Recent years have indeed seen a major increase in discussions, articles and media interest in the public debate on the relation between wine and health. The first part of the day was therefore dedicated to corroborating the properties of moderate consumption of wine for health through science while attempting to dismantle the hoaxes and contradictions in this regard.

Renowned speakers were called on stage to discuss this topic: Emilio Ros, Clinical Head of the Lipid Unit and Senior Consultant of the Endocrinology and Nutrition Service of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and ​​George Sandeman, President of Wine in Moderation.

José Manuel González Huesca, General Director of Servimedia and President of the Spanish Association of Health Journalists, who acted as moderator, opened the debate by citing a recent CIS survey, according to which health is the issue that concerns our society the most. He continued by analysing the role of journalists in investigating these important topics but insisted on the importance of the specialisation of the journalists and their ability in contrasting information.

Ros discussed the effects of wine on health with a focus on the moderate consumption of wine but also emphasising the importance of consuming wine in the frame of a Mediterranean diet, highlighting the results of the PREDIMED study.

Sandeman followed by presenting the Wine in Moderation Programme and the key message it aims to send to the consumer: wine is for sharing, choosing and taking care of ourselves and others around us. Stressing the importance of education and wine culture, Sandeman also emphasized the responsibility of communication and marketing in this sector to promote moderate and responsible consumption.

The discussion that followed opened the debate on the studies and articles that have recently appeared advising against the consumption of wine. The three experts highlighted the role of rigorous journalism that contrasts and interprets these studies on a scientific basis rather than looking for the best headline causing science to be mistreated.

The event was attended by the Spanish Minister of Agriculture as well as an important number of personalities of the wine sector.