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„Wine in Moderation“ programos naujienos:
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Another new record of Breathalyzer tests set at Essência do Vinho by Sogrape

Another new record of Breathalyzer tests set at Essência do Vinho by Sogrape

From 1’685 in 2019 to 1’937 in 2020, Sogrape set a new record of breathalyzer tests at the 17th edition of “Essência do Vinho”, which took place in Oporto from 20 to 23 February.

As part of the promotion of the Wine in Moderation programme and its commitment to the Alcohol and Health National Forum, Sogrape carried out almost two thousand breathalyser tests, which revealed values between 0 and 3.30 g/l.

In this seventh consecutive year of free breathalyser tests offered, many consumers congratulated Sogrape Vinhos and showed interest in this initiative which aims to raise awareness about the risks of drink driving.

Using the new image of the Wine in Moderation message and brand, the brochures distributed to the participants, the promoters' t-shirts and the illuminated retro screen, which marked the space where alcohol tests were carried out, presented the new motto “Choose, Share and Care” and the new bright colours of the Programme.

Along with the tests, over 1’750 brochures were handed out to participants, containing guidelines for low-risk consumption, units of measurement and the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limits for driving in Portugal. As with any other alcoholic beverage, the consumption of wine affects the capacity to perform certain activities, such as driving, and it is always advised to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages when driving.

Through this initiative, Sogrape reached over 2’000 visitors with information regarding drink and drive, the benefits of a moderate consumption and the risks of alcohol abuse.