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„Wine in Moderation“ programos naujienos:
Narių iniciatyvos


AEVP revives its annual Wine in Moderation campaign

AEVP revives its annual Wine in Moderation campaign

As every year, AEVP has relaunched its Wine in Moderation campaign at the beginning of the autumn with the aim to raise knowledge on moderate and responsible consumption patterns. The campaign, which will run until the end of the year, will be visible in a number of important national media, among which TV and online newspapers, as well as on social media, across cinemas and outdoors display panels.

  • There will be a total of 60 insertions of a 20 seconds’ spot on national television:
    • TVI: 11 insertions.
    • TVI 24: 15 insertions.
    • CMTV: 15 insertions.
    • RTP3: 19 insertions.
  • Cinema Arrabida: 10,320 insertions.
  • JC Decaux – Network of Urban Centers: 1,400 outdoor displays all over Portugal.
  • Digital Advertising Newspapers Online:
    • 400,000 insertions on desktop and 100,000 insertions on mobile on Expresso
    • 200,000 insertions in the Observador
    • 100,000 insertions in the Público.
  • The campaign will also be visible on social media throughout the year, more specifically on Facebook and Instagram.

As one of the two National Coordinators of Wine in Moderation in Portugal, AEVP is responsible for implementing the programme through actions that encourage a healthy lifestyle while focusing on the importance of moderate wine consumption.