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Vyno dienos: a responsible wine event

Vyno dienos: a responsible wine event

After two years of pandemic, where many events were postponed, the international wine and drinks exhibition Vyno dienos opened for the 16th time in Vilnius, Lithuania on 6 and 7 May 2022. Winemakers, importers, distillers, wine, and spirits sellers presented their products and brands to wine enthusiasts and professionals in what is known as the biggest wine and spirits event in the Baltic States. This year numbers confirm the participation trends of past editions. More than 4000 people tasted different varieties of wines learning more about them and discovering their uniqueness.  A special tribute to the Ukrainian wine production was also organised.

Since the Sommelier School of Lithuania joined Wine in Moderation, in December 2017, it has consistently implemented the principles of responsible wine consumption in all its events including Vyno Dienos. Specific actions have been put together, such as: encouraging the use of spittoons, distributing water for free, and encouraging the use of public transport after the exhibition. Numerous materials were also distributed in this occasion. In addition to videos and printed material informing about responsible consumption, this year also saw the organization of short wine tasting courses open to all visitors of the exhibition. The Wine in Moderation message was presented during these courses and explained to consumers with no formal wine education. Lastly, visitors were invited to breathalyse before leaving the exhibition at the station of to learn more about the BAC levels.

As the organizer of the exhibition Mrs Rasa Starkus said "For our visitors, first of all, this is an educational event, which is supplemented every year by current trends in the world of beverages, new forms of communication between producers and consumers".

People who did not have the opportunity to attend the exhibition in person had the possibility to watch discussion panels broadcasted via YouTube and Facebook on subjects such as the legal and cultural context in which wine business operates, the popularity of non-alcoholic beverages and other topics related to the world of wine.