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Le ultime notizie di Wine in Mideration
Iniziative dei nostri membri


Choose, Share, Care!

Choose, Share, Care!

Since the launch of Wine in Moderation in 2008, Sogrape has been fully committed to informing consumers about the risks of alcohol abuse and misuse, whilst encouraging a responsible and moderate consumption of wine.

Embracing the new Wine in Moderation message “Choose, Share, Care”, Sogrape confirmed their commitment to stress the importance of adopting good practices for a healthy lifestyle, highlighting the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet as well as importance of responsible consumption of wine.  In this frame, a new edition of the Wine in Moderation Week took place between the 23rd and the 27th of November, involving employees in a program dedicated to well-being.  Like previous editions, particular attention has been given to a range of healthy menus and desserts, with particular attention to the Mediterranean Diet, moreover a Pilates class and a quiz to test their knowledge about the Wine in Moderation program have been also included. The first three employees to answer correctly to the question of the day received a prize.

The 8th edition of WIM Week featured two webinars:

- The importance of Self-Regulation in Commercial Communication, addressed to all members of the marketing, sales and communications areas with the participation of Dr. Ignacio Sánchez Recarte, Secretary General of the Comité Vins, Drª. Manuela Botelho, Secretary General of APAN and Dr. João Gomes da Silva, Chief Marketing Officer Sogrape.

- The second webinar, dedicated to wine and health was open to the whole Sogrape family and featured Ursula Fradera, Scientific Coordinator of the Wine Information Council, Nadia Frittella, Secretary General of Wine in Moderation, and George Sandeman, Sogrape Vinhos Board member.

For the eighth consecutive year, employees experienced a week filled with activities which highlighted the need for moderation in the consumption of wine, in conjunction with a Mediterranean diet and frequent exercise. A great number of informative brochures, roll-up and MUPIS were exhibited in the facilities, shared in the intranet and relevant information was further sent by email.

By raising awareness on Wine in Moderation among around 600 people, guiding them towards a healthy lifestyle though a balanced diet and moderate physical, this project confirms once again its positive outcomes and represents a model to be inspired from.