Greek National Inter-professional of Vine and Wine - EDOAO

L'Organizzazione Interprofessionale Nazionale della vigna e del vino Greca (EDOAO) è stata fondata nel 2000. EDOAO è stata la prima organizzazione interprofessionale in Grecia a ricevere lo status nazionale da parte del Ministero dell'Agricoltura ellenica dal 2001.

National inter-professional organisation of vine & wine of Greece

89 Sevastoupoleos Street
11526, Athens, Greece

Dal 17/02/2019 al 17/02/2019
Peloponnese Wine Festival embodies the moderation message
The annual Peloponnese Wine Festival took place last 17 February at the Hellenic motor museum. This year’s edition fully embraced the Wine in Moderation message. The Festival’s main goal is not only to promote local wines but also to bring the responsibility message to a large public of wine professionals and wine lovers. In cooperation wit [...]
Dal 30/01/2017 al 30/01/2017
Greek wine from the ancient athenian symposium to today’s art de vivre
Moderation is embedded in the greek word for wine “krasi”. Krasi means wine mixed with water, a common practice in the ancient symposium, controlled by the sommelier, to avoid drunkenness and prolong the duration of the symposium. This and other wine cultural stories were presented at the wine expo VorOina 2017, in an event organized to communi [...]
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