CEVI, la Confederazione europea dei viticoltori indipendenti, è l'organizzazione internazionale che riunisce e rappresenta i viticoltori indipendenti, imprenditori locali, di sviluppo e vendita di vini autentici e personalizzati. CEVI è co-proprietario dell'impegno Wine in Moderation ed è membro osservatore dell'Associazione WiM.

CEVI - Confédération Européenne des Vignerons Indépendants
4 place Félix Eboué
75583 PARIS Cedex 12

Dal 13/05/2017 al 14/05/2017
Independent winegrowers act for a sustainable wine culture
In their constant efforts to encourage a moderate and responsible consumption of wine, the European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers (CEVI) is also increasing actions through its constituencies at national level. It is in this frame that CEVI took Wine in Moderation to the first edition of the Wine Market of Independent Winegrowers of FIVI [...]
Dal 01/11/2011 al 30/11/2011
Cracheur d' Or (Golden Spitter Contest)
Location: Salon de Paris
The Independent Wine Growers of France decided to promote moderation in a playful and original way. They organise each year during the biggest Wine Fair in Paris (more than 150.000 visitors), the "Golden Spitter Contest”, a contest for the best spitter. As spitting is necessary for a quality tasting, this contest gave the opportunity for profes [...]
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