Sweden scales-up action in the Wine in Moderation programme

Munskänkarna has renewed its commitment to the Wine in Moderation programme and will be scaling up actions towards its members.

Munskänkarna’s General Assembly was the opportunity for the representatives of the 26.000 members of the association to gather and plan the association’s annual activities. It was therefore also the perfect opportunity to present the evolution of the Wine in Moderation programme, tight the bonds with the programme and exchange views on the implementation of Wine in Moderation in Sweden.

The Swedish Wine Consumer Association will be looking to including wine in moderation in all key activities from education to tastings and from the criteria of the wine city of the year, to on-going online information.

Munskänkarna website
has already been updated including information about Social Sustainability and more specifically Wine in Moderation; while the Wine in Moderation website also underwent a complete translation/adaptation and is now available in Swedish together with the programme toolkit.

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