Munskänkarna elects Barbaresco as 2019 Wine City of the Year

As every year, the Swedish wine consumer club Munskänkarna elects the “Wine City of the Year” to promote and encourage local development and achievements. The locality of Barbaresco is the lucky winner of the 2019 edition.

The event has become a much-appreciated statement of quality for the local wines of the celebrated geographical region but also highlights the idea of choosing better quality wines to enjoy them sensibly, a central value for Munskänkarna.

A number of activities linked to the nomination of the Wine City are hosted throughout the year with the aim of spreading knowledge about the culture of wine and encouraging new discoveries among the members of Munskänkarna.

These activities include an inauguration held on site with the Mayor of Barbaresco and Members of the Board of Munskänkarna; a “Wine District Cruise” with a wine fair and different master classes organised in Stockholm. Furthermore, most of the 170 subsections of the wine consumer club also arrange theme tastings on the selected district all over Sweden.

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