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24 APRIL 2015

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The Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA): a great WIM example

The DWA, one of the founding members of the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Programme and Association, has been carrying out its commitment to raise awareness and knowledge on appropriate drinking patterns in a consistent and ever expanding way since the very beginning.

Its important involvement in spreading the WIM message and its engagement in education and dissemination of scientific information is not only recognized by German Authorities, but will also place Wine in Moderation at the heart of the next OIV Congress to be held in Mainz, early July.



Marc Vanel - one of the organisers of the expo talks about the event WiM in the European capital
18/19 April 2015
The first edition of “Le Salon des Vins du Soir ” – a Belgian wine exhibition by Le Soir – will take place in Brussels these 18 and 19 April and WIM will be a part of it. With the aim of reaching a broad public, of both consumers and wine professionals, WIM will be spreading the message of responsibility to a large multicultural crowd.

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Some activities launched by Unione Italian Vini UIV at the forefront of cultural change
20 April 2015

With the launch of several projects, Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) has been scaling up action and is taking up the cultural challenge of wine. Following the launch of its “wine and health” working committee, Unione Italiana Vini has proven very active in organizing activities to further encourage responsible consumption. Domenico Zonin – President of Unione Italiana Vini – reiterated UIV’s ongoing commitment to promote the best models of moderate and responsible wine consumption
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Rendez-vous prevention - infographie Vin & Société launches weekly “prevention meetings”
3 February 2015
Already active on social media, Vin & Société has decided to take the opportunity of their strong presence on Twitter to continue reaching out to consumers through weekly “prevention meetings” on Twitter.
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Born Digital Wine Awards brought to you by Wine in Moderation - logo Born Digital Wine Awards brought to you by Wine in Moderation
23 March 2015
The Born Digital Wine Awards, launched in 2011 by Vrazon, announces the 2015 edition brought to you by Wine in Moderation. The BDWA will continue to champion the best content produced online, but with an even greater focus on the culture of wine.
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Orangerie du Parc d'Egmont
Brussels, Belgium
April 2015 FIVS Global Trade Policy Conference
Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie
Brussels, Belgium
27 27-29
Plenary Meeting of the European Alcohol & Health Forum
Brussels, Belgium
38th World Congress of vine and wine
Mainz, Germany
18 6-9

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