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14 DEC 2014


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WIM commitment final report receives highest possible score from EAHF external evaluators: 100%

In 2013, the WIM Intermediate monitoring report received the outstanding score of 93%, scoring way above European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF)’s Members' average. No matter this outstanding score, WIM Aisbl and its members have kept their efforts high and aim at continuous improvement, always valuing accountability. As a result, the WIM Commitment 2011-2013 submitted in 2014 reached excellence by receiving the highest possible score of 100%.




Campaign "Quien sabe beber, sabe vivir" enters in its third and last year
11 December 2014
The third year of the Spanish campaign QUIEN SABE BEBER, SABE VIVIR was presented during a press conference that was held in Madrid on 11 December 2014 and which was attended by several authorities, celebrities and journalists. This three-year programme has the primary aim of increasing knowledge on how to enjoy wine in moderation, highlighting its value in our society, culture, landscape and the Mediterranean diet.
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"Wise drinking" app adds new feature
11 December 2014

11/11/2014, Paris, France - Wise Drinking, Pernod Ricard’s global application devoted to responsible drinking, has been enhanced with new features for the holiday season. Following the launch in May 2014 of the Wise Drinking mobile application, new features have been added to enable consumers to monitor their alcohol intake. Users can now test their knowledge of responsible drinking through a “responsible quiz” made up of 17 challenges, each containing 5 questions. The holiday season is the perfect time for families or friends to learn about the main principles of responsible drinking in a fun atmosphere.

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education - the vet art de vivre partnership recognised as example of good practice
02 December 2014
The Belgian francophone office for professional training (AEF-Europe) evaluated and awarded the VET Art de Vivre Partnership Programme (Leonardo da Vinci programme funded by the European Commission) with very good to excellent scores across all categories, and recognising it as an example of good practice.
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Election of new Board for WIM Aisbl
18 November 2014
WIM Aisbl General Assembly elects new Board of Administrators. Mr. George Sandeman representing CEEV, was re-elected as President, Ms. Ursula Fradera representing National Associations category was re-elected as Vice-President and Ms. Noelie Genevey representing the Ambassador Companies category was elected as Treasurer.
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Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre 3rd annual event
Communicating moderation and responsibility
18 November 2014
On the occasion of its third year anniversary, Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre (WIM) Aisbl organised its annual event in Brussels on 17 November 2014. The exclusive event that brought together senior representatives of authorities, trade associations, and companies was an excellent occasion to present WIM’s latest achievements, and to explore new possibilities to better communicate moderation and responsibility in order to tackle alcohol related harm.
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Implementation of wim in argentina presented at the 37th oiv congress
10 November 2014
The 37th edition of the World Congress of Vine and Wine in Mendoza welcomed over 1200 participants among whom influential scientists, government officials and key stakeholders, making it the perfect opportunity for the Argentinean Wine business to present their commitment and contribution in promoting responsibility and moderation.
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Wim presented to german universities
07 November 2014
Last November, a special event was organised at the University of Cologne by the Students’ organisation and the Forum of Young Chemists. This event entitled “Perspectives – a tandem experiment” offered the possibility to have two separate perspectives on one topic. Wine, one of the five topics of the evening, was also examined from 2 different perspectives.
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wine culture session at the digital wine communication conference
31 October - 02 November 2014
WIM Aisbl partnered with the Digital Wine Communication conference (DWCC) for its 7th edition to reveal the importance of wine culture in today’s wine communication.
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Four entities join to launch a programme about about responsible service
28 October 2014
A responsible service training programme “Responsible service creates sustainable business” was launched in joint effort between ACIBEV and APHORT, with the support of Sogrape Vinhos and ViniPortugal.
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WIM alongside the most recognised chefs of argentina
16 October 2014
Last October, Bodegas de Argentina took part in the Masticar food and wine fair organised by A.C.E.L.G.A.* to promote responsible consumption of wine. The fair which had programmed various activities, also gave visitors the opportunity to discover different types of wines alongside the WIM message.
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Dutch Wine Trade Association expresses interest in the WIM Programme
30 October 2014
Following the Dutch Wine Trade Association's (KNVW) interest to join the WIM movement to promote responsible consumption, WIM Secretariat was invited to present the WIM Programme to the KNVW’s General Assembly that took place in Gouda on 30 October 2014.
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