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28 FEBRUARY 2020

Five WIC experts speaking at the next Mediterranean Diet conference in Portugal

The Wine & Science committee will be organising a 1-day conference in Porto, Portugal on “Wine Consumption in the Mediterranean Diet: A clarification about health effects”. The conference will welcome several professionals representing the scientific and wine sector who will bring their expertise to the discussion. Five scientific experts involved in the Wine Information Council will take an active role in the conference presenting their latest research and sharing their knowledge.

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Loi-Evin Training, Vin et Société 2020
Loi Evin, a “how-to” guide developed by Vin & Société
27 February 2020

Vin & Société recently developed a free online training to support professionals of the wine sector with the implementation of the Evin-law. Accessible to everyone, this training covers in 45 minutes the main legal dispositions related to the communication of alcoholic beverages in France. Easy to use, accessible anywhere and at any time, the training offers a tailored experience where each user can learn at his own rhythm while testing his/her knowledge.
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Vin et Société Campaign on Pregnancy 2019

“It is worth waiting 9 months for a good wine” – a Vin & SociEtE campaign addresses pregnant women
10 October 2020

In the frame of its “Prevention Plan”, Vin & Société launched last 10 October an informational campaign on the dangers of alcohol during the pregnancy. The campaign named “It is worth waiting 9 months for a good wine”, sends an important message to pregnant women and explains that since a no-effect alcohol level which does not harm the unborn child has not been established; it is recommended to avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages during the pregnancy.
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Expo Vea Vendimia 2020

Wine in Moderation joins the 10th edition of the Expo Vea Vendimia in Argentina
26 - 28 February 2020

Responsible consumption was at the cornerstone of the Expo Vea Vendimia 2020 that took place in Mendoza from 26 to 28 February. The 2020 edition of Expo Vea Vendimia was accompanied by the Wine in Moderation message, and to encourage visitors to end the fair on a positive note and ensure a safe return home, the Expo joined forces with a ridesharing company, which offered 25% off to all the fair-visitors.
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These articles are based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the Wine Information Council web database.

Mediterranean diet and microbiome – another piece in the puzzle

A new study added another piece to the puzzle of the positive health effects of the Mediterranean diet: the results of this intervention showed that eating a Mediterranean diet for one year altered the microbiome of elderly individuals in ways which improved brain function and contributed to a longer life expectancy.
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Moderate wine intake of older individuals and longevity

In this large prospective study, the researchers found moderate drinkers can increase their chances of longer life expectancy.
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