OMÉK 2019 – Wine in Moderation at the Hungarian National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair

The National Agriculture and Food Exhibition and Fair (OMÉK) is the largest and oldest agricultural event in Hungary, with rich traditions and more than a hundred years of history. The 79th edition took place in Budapest between 26-29 September 2019 at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.

HNT was also present at OMÉK and took the opportunity to promote the Wine in Moderation programme to all visitors, distributing Wine in Moderation leaflets, bracelets and balloons.

The Hungarian National Wine Contest was also introduced through a blind wine tasting and was accompanied by explanations about the importance of the moderate and responsible consumption of wine.

With its 680 exhibitors and 85,000 visitors, OMÉK is the biggest Hungarian Exhibition in Agriculture and Food topics, and one of the biggest ones in this Region of Europe.

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