A Wine in Moderation member wins the wine tasting world championship !

The Swedish wine consumer club Munskänkarna, member of the WiM Association, won this year’s world championship in wine tasting that took place last 14 October.

With wine tasting at the centre of the responsibility and moderation message, it is important to show that a greater understanding and appreciation of wine can enhance one’s enjoyment of it.
Stylianos Filopoulos, director of the WiM Association said: “We are extremely proud to have with us Munskänkarna, a wine consumer club that are not only champions in responsibility but also in wine tasting. We would like to congratulate the Munskänkarna team for their extensive knowledge in wine, their passion and respect for this noble product. BRAVO !

Organised by La Revue du Vin de France, the competition which saw 25 teams compete against each other took place on October 14th in Burgundy. With a final score of 115 points, Munskänkarna beat Great Britain (108 points) and Luxembourg (100 points).

Team members: Torgny Almgren, Richard Granberg, Ulf Palmnäs, Jerker Delsing and the coach Mats Burnert

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