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Noticias de Wine in Moderation
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Wine in Moderation strengthens position in Central Europe by welcoming the Czech National Wine Centre

Wine in Moderation strengthens position in Central Europe by welcoming the Czech National Wine Centre

PRESS RELEASE - Brussels, 23/11/2022The Czech National Wine Centre joins Wine in Moderation and becomes National Coordinator in the Czech Republic, strengthening the position of the programme in Central Europe.

By joining Wine in Moderation, the Czech National Wine Centre confirms its goal to encourage the moderate and responsible consumption of wine and act at national level to promote a sustainable culture of wine. The Czech National Wine Centre will be responsible for launching and implementing the programme, coordinating the activities at national level, and accounting for their actions.

By becoming National Coordinator, the Czech National Wine Centre will act as focal point for Wine in Moderation and will be looking to engage and enable the national wine business, integrating the Wine in Moderation message and visuals in their communication material, and encouraging the sector to join the movement as well. In parallel, they will also aim to empower wine consumers through online campaigns and during events ensuring a responsible consumption of wine.

Sandro Sartor, President of the WiM Association commented “We are thrilled to welcome the Czech National Wine Centre in Wine in Moderation as we are convinced that they are in the best position to raise awareness on moderate and responsible drinking patterns and further ensure the sustainability of our sector in the Czech Republic. We look forward to working hand in hand for the many years to come as we continue working hard to share the message for a sustainable culture of wine around the world.”

Dagmar Fialová, marketing director of the National Wine Centre, and responsible for the implementation of the Wine in Moderation Programme in the Czech Republic, also commented: “The Czech Republic is a rather small country and our wine sector seems to be even smaller, however, wine has a strong presence in our culture and belongs to our nature and history, therefore it seemed only logical to join the Wine in Moderation movement as we realize, that responsible wine drinking together with an overall awareness about general sustainability is the only way forward.

Further information on the WiM Association and Association de la Sommellerie Internationale can be found below as well as on our website:


About Wine in Moderation

Wine in Moderation is the programme created by the wine sector to inspire an active respect for wine as a product of culture among people who choose to drink, thereby contributing to healthy lifestyles and the reduction of alcohol related harm. The programme builds on scientific evidence, education, and self-regulation to organise and empower wine professionals with the information and tools to responsibly present wine, raising awareness and knowledge about responsible drinking patterns and moderate wine consumption and inspiring consumers to enjoy wine and its culture in a healthy, positive and convivial way. Centrally coordinated, Wine in Moderation is implemented nationally respecting local cultural diversity.

WiM Association

The WiM Association is the international not for profit association founded by wine sector associations and leading wine companies that centrally coordinates the Wine in Moderation programme and expand its reach and impact throughout the world.

About the Czech National Wine Centre

The aim of the National Wine Centre of the Czech Republic is to promote and support our wines and winemaking not only through the competition and tasting exhibition of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, but also by publishing specialized literature, organizing trainings and seminars, as well as general promotion of Moravian and Czech wines in cooperation with other wine organizations in the Czech Republic.