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ASOVINOS launches a brand new website!

 ASOVINOS launches a brand new website!

With a refreshed design and brand new features, ASOVINOS is happy to announce the launch of their renovated website.

Under the spotlight, three new sections Culture, Responsible Consumption and Regulations offer to the public interesting news from the wine world and educational content.

Moreover, among the new features, an opinion column written by Luz María González de Bedout, President of ASOVINOS. A monthly appointment where Mrs. González de Bedout shares ASOVINOS' position on a specific topic related to the world of wine.

"For us it was essential that the website reflected our identity, which I believe we successfully achieved, as it was really important to be in line with the style of the posts on our social networks Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Besides, through our webpage, we seek to promote our associates, share news that allow us to be at the forefront, present our team and the achievements we have made over the years and finally invite people to follow us, read our content, and in case they are a company, join our Association".

- Luz María González de Bedout, President

Since 2018, when ASOVINOS joined Wine in Moderation, our Colombian member has always shown a great commitment to the Programme through the implementation of different initatives. The inclusion of a section dedicated to Responsible Consumption on their brand new website confirms once again their active involvement in the promotion of moderate consumption and a sustainable culture of wine.

The new ASOVINOS' website is available in both English and Spanish.

Would you like to take a look? Click here!