Moët Hennessy

Moët Hennessy es la división de vinos y licores de LVMH: Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton. Como el primer productor y exportador de champán y coñac, así como un productor de vino en muchos países en el mundo, la compañía tiene por esencia una identidad vino muy fuerte.

Desde el 01/06/2012 hasta el 31/08/2013
Moët Hennessy – Responsible Consumption Training
Moët Hennessy designed a training scheme on Responsible Consumption for its 6,500 employees around the globe (about 4,000 in Europe). This training scheme, which had already reached 1,221 people by March 2013 in Europe only, is fully aligned with the objectives of Wine in Moderation as it focuses on providing responsible drinking guidelines, raisi [...]

WIM website available on Moët Hennessy brand’s website /direct pop-up to WIM
In order to visit any of Moët Hennessy’s brands webpages, visitors from all over the world have to go through the age-gate page, to discourage underage people from accessing the website content. This page also bears the Wine in Moderation Message. Moreover, if the age condition is not fulfilled, visitors in the EU are immediately redirected to t [...]
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