Wise Drinking: a global app

11 Diciembre 2014 - 01 Enero 1970


11/11/2014, Paris, France - Wise Drinking, Pernod Ricard’s global application devoted to responsible drinking, has been enhanced with new features for the holiday season.

Following the launch in May 2014 of the Wise Drinking mobile application, new features have been added to enable consumers to monitor their alcohol intake. Users can now test their knowledge of responsible drinking through a “responsible quiz” made up of 17 challenges, each containing 5 questions. The holiday season is the perfect time for families or friends to learn about the main principles of responsible drinking in a fun atmosphere.

How much is one unit of alcohol? How is wine produced? What is the advice for pregnant women regarding alcohol? Who was the Greek god of wine? are examples of questions asked to Wise Drinking users and are the first steps towards learning about your personal limits, which is essential to drink responsibly. During the festive season, think Wise Drinking and don’t drive if you’ve had a drink with family or friends, as this new version enables you to call a taxi directly from the app itself, even with no network connection, to get home safely.

Although Wise Drinking has a global reach, it’s one of the many initiatives undertaken around the world by Pernod Ricard and its subsidiaries at local level to promote responsible drinking. In 2012, alongside ICAP*, the Group helped develop and implement 5 commitments by the beer, wine and spirits industry aimed at combatting alcohol misuse. These commitments include reducing underage drinking, strengthening marketing codes of practice, providing information to consumers and developing responsible product innovations, reducing drink-driving, and enlisting retailers’ support to reduce alcohol abuse.

Pernod Ricard also created Responsible Party, a programme in partnership with the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) aimed at raising the awareness of Erasmus students in 28 European countries of issues related to responsible drinking. In 4 years, more than 175,000 students have been reached and informed during their events.

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