Wine in Moderation present at FIVS Policy conference

08 Abril 2014 - 01 Enero 1970


The 2014 FIVS Public Policy Conference tackled the issue of responsible and moderate drinking. The “Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Beverages - Roundtable Discussion” focused on action and gave the opportunity to sector representatives from all over the world to present different approaches and results. This conference assembled many important personalities from the alcohol beverage industry, Public officials, etc.

Ms. Susana Garcia Dolla – Deputy Secretary General of Federación Española del Vino – briefly presented the campaign “Quien Sabe Beber, Sabe Vivir” and its impact, answering questions on the implementation of the WIM programme in Spain and its achievements.

At the other side of the table, Paul Evans – Chief Executive of the Winemakers' Federation of Australia – presented the “Drink Properly” campaign and answered questions on the impact of the campaign focusing especially on the campaign’s target group – the above legal age young people.

The session was moderated by the Director of the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre (WIM) aisbl and the discussion following the short presentations focused on cultural differences, drinking patterns and market structures as well as how actions are structured by industry.

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