Wim over wijn - a multichannel campaign to encourage moderation and responsibility

08 Octubre 2015 - 01 Enero 1970
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The Hague, 8 October 2015 – In the frame of their recent membership to the Wine in Moderation -Art de Vivre (WIM) Association, the KVNW (the Dutch association of wine merchants) launched their first multi-channel campaign: “Wim over Wijn”.

Supported by the entire Dutch wine sector, the newly launched campaign aims to encourage responsible wine consumption and inform Dutch consumers about the harmful effects of alcohol abuse.

Built around the website wimoverwijn.nl, the campaign provides tips and tricks on responsible wine consumption and will inform consumers on how to enjoy a glass of wine as part of a healthy lifestyle while warning them about the potential harm of alcohol-abuse. A friendly virtual person, named Wim (a popular Dutch name), will pass the message in a fun and interactive way and will be present on websites, wine labels and store material, a spot featuring Wim will also be played in popular venues such as train stations, etc. Wim will also be introduced to wine training institutes and vocational education providers.

The launch took place in The Hague with the participation of the industry, authorities and the press and the presence of Mr. Martin van Rijn, State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport in The Netherlands, Mr. Peter Van Houtert, President of the KVNW, and the president of the WIM Association, Mr. George T.D. Sandeman.

Peter Van Houtert, president KVNW said: "With the Wim campaign we show that moderate drinking and the enjoyment of wine go hand in hand. This brings us in line with the already widely accepted message: Always drink in moderation. The wine industry takes the lead in promoting responsible wine consumption and preventing irresponsible consumption. The Wim campaign is indeed a campaign in which the wine sector plays an active role and which will grow as the years pass. With the view to inspire rather than lecture, the message is passed through a pleasant ambassador: Wim. "

George T. D. Sandeman, president of the Wine in Moderation Association said: "With this very creative campaign for The Netherlands, KNVW has embodied the very essence of Wine in Moderation in the persona of a young man, Wim, who shares with consumers the importance of moderation and responsibility when enjoying wine. As with so many of the projects launched by the members of Wine in Moderation, this is a best practice to be shared and copied”.

The KVNW joined the WIM Association earlier this year and acts as a national coordinator of the WIM Programme in the Netherlands. KVNW has supported campaigns to reduce problems like drink and driving (BOB) and underage drinking (STIX18) and is member of Dutch Self-Regulation organisation STIVA.

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