WiM Association has a new Board of Administrators

03 Noviembre 2017 - 01 Enero 1970


03/11/17, Santorini. WiM Association General Assembly elects new Board of Administrators

The WiM Association is the international not-for-profit association responsible for the international coordination, accountability and growth of the Wine in Moderation programme.

The WiM Association Board is composed of one representative from each category of effective members (I. CEEV, II. National Associations and III. Ambassador Companies). Each of the category elects/nominates its respective administrator and an administrator substitute.

Mr. George Sandeman (Portugal) representing CEEV, was re-elected as President, Ms. Ursula Fradera (Germany) representing National Associations was re-elected as Vice-President and Ms. Noélie Genevey (France) representing Ambassador Companies was also re-elected as Treasurer.

The GA also elected the substitutes for each Board Administrator: Ignacio Sanchez Recarte (CEEV), Susana Garcia Dolla (National Associations) and Géraldine Dichamp (Ambassador Companies). All candidates were unanimously elected by the General Assembly (GA) and will constitute the WiM Association Board for the three years to come.

The outgoing Board was congratulated for its efforts during the past three years and its impressive achievements. The Wine in Moderation programme as well as the WiM Association, have indeed grown significantly expanding the programme throughout the world. Partnerships for action were established with the whole value chain, important consumer campaigns and activities were launched, and educational programmes were set at a national basis.

The commitment and continuous actions of our members are what make the programme successful and we look forward to continuing this way forward.

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