Vin & Société kicks off 2019 with new projects

05 Febrero 2019 - 01 Enero 1970


In 2019 Vin & Société steps up action and launches two innovative projects to promote the sensible appreciation of wine: one promoting a responsible wine tourism experience and the other encouraging young professionals to make their voices heard.

Wine tourism: ten tips for a responsible experience

Following the focus on Wine in Moderation on wine tourism and responsible wine tourism experiences, the French Association took it to another level and developed practical, fun and didactical cards targeting organisers, volunteers, winemakers, etc. These cards include tips and key actions on how to best supervise tastings at wine festivals, raise awareness of good tasting practices, preventing risky behaviour and informing the public about the concept of responsible consumption. Messages like "Show the example", "Water always water" or "To spit is to enjoy" are accompanied by a wine-inspired quote on the back of each card to further illustrate the message.

Best touch point to explain to wine consumers what wine is about and how one should drink sensibly, wine tourism is a great way to help people discover, experience and live the message of wine in a responsible way.

Giving a voice to Millennials

Wine in Moderation has always supported communicators notably through the Born Digital Wine Awards by WiM which promotes responsible communication and a sustainable consumption of wine.

In this case, the call for project is exclusively accessible to young film or video professionals, and encourages participants to propose a short film exploring their particular relation with wine, their story, etc. putting forward the important link of wine to the culture, the people, regions, etc.

Two videos will be selected and presented in La Cité du Vin next March.
For more information, contact Vin & Société.

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