The Argentinian Wine Open Day

10 Noviembre 2017 - 10 Noviembre 2017
Ubicación: Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina
Organizador: Bodegas de Argentina

País: Argentina

Last 10 November, Bodegas de Argentina and the Argentinean School of Sommeliers (EAS) celebrated the Wine Open Day (WOD). Every year, this social event takes place in the cities of Buenos Aires and Mendoza with the aim to open the doors of their two Institutions and welcome consumers, sommeliers and wineries to taste wines and finger food in an enjoyable environment.

To make sure visitors follow the principles encouraged by Wine in Moderation in their entirety, free water was offered throughout the event.

And to complete the picture for sustainability, visitors were also invited to provide non-perishable food at the entrance of the event in the frame of their collaboration with the Argentinean Bank of Food Foundation.

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