Spain reinforces its 'Code of Commercial Communications of Wine' and extends it to the entire Spanish wine value chain

01 Agosto 2018 - 01 Enero 1970


The Wine Interprofessional Organisation of Spain (OIVE) presented the new Code of Commercial Communications of Wine, that came into force on August 1st, 2018. The Code is a set of rules for self-regulation on advertising and commercial communications with the main purpose to put forward a message of moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wine, under the umbrella of Wine in Moderation values and objectives.

Presentation was attended by Mr. José Miguel Herrero Velasco, General Director of the Food Industry at the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture; Ángel Villafranca, President of OIVE; Susana García, Director of OIVE, and José Domingo Gómez, General Director of Autocontrol (control body).

Another step towards social responsibility

This Code reinforces the one already published in 2008 by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) in the frame of the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme. Ten years later, the Interprofessional reinforces this commitment and clarifies some aspects that had raised doubts in the past. Among the novelties of this new Code are its application in radio and digital media and the inclusion of non-alcoholic wines. In addition, the Code makes special emphasis on the population groups where alcohol consumption should be avoided: minors, pregnant women and drivers. The use of the Wine in Moderation logo will continue to be mandatory for all WiM supporters in Spain, as it remains one of the main principles in the Code.

Ángel Villafranca, President of OIVE, stressed that this code "is the result of an organisation’s work that brings together all the representative entities of the value chain of the Spanish wine sector". In reference to the collaboration with Autocontrol, he continued "we need someone who is not from the sector to act as an arbitrator and controller, a body that guarantees certain standards."

In parallel, Susana García, Director of OIVE, stated “We believe this is a very positive code for the wine industry, considering that it is an essential tool for social responsibility”; also underlining the commitment of the Spanish wine sector to "a sustainable wine culture in a broad sense". Wineries, operators and organisations wishing to adhere to this Self-Regulation Code should first join the Wine in Moderation Programme through the online registration procedure for new supporters.

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