Sogrape adopts new Wine in Moderation message in company poster campaign

24 Junio 2019 - 01 Enero 1970


Based on the updated Wine in Moderation Brand Strategy, Sogrape Vinhos has decided to renew its internal information on the moderate and responsible consumption of wine by adopting a new Wine in Moderation message: “CHOOSE, SHARE, CARE.”.

Over 30 framed posters with the message “Wine is choosing”, “Wine is sharing” and “Wine is caring” will be placed in key locations within the Sogrape wineries and public areas, targeting over 550 employees of the company based in Portugal.

In July, the new WiM message will also be the topic of another edition of “WIM week by Sogrape”, where the company's employees will be able to enjoy a week filled with healthy activities, highlighting the importance of the moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, healthy diet and exercise.

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