“Semana del Malbec” endorses the responsible consumption of wine

16 Abril 2018 - 22 Abril 2018
Organizador: Bodegas de Argentina


The “Semana del Malbec” that took place mid-April, was yet another occasion for Bodegas de Argentina to showcase the Wine in Moderation message in the frame of an event largely attended by Argentinean wine consumers.

Water was freely distributed at wine tastings, leaflets with the responsible message were disseminated and wine in moderation pens were handed out to the visitors of this important event.

Communication actions also accompanied the Malbec Wine Week: posters bearing the Wine in Moderation logo were hanged around the city, on roads, buses, magazines. Posts encouraging the moderate and responsible consumption of wine were liked and shared on various social media accounts both from Bodegas de Argentina but also from government social media platforms such as “Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires”.

Bodegas de Argentina has been very active in communicating the Wine in Moderation message since it joined the programme in 2013 through all its events. For more information, we invite you to take a look here.

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