Prizes for Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre students of German vocational schools

17 Diciembre 2014 - 17 Diciembre 2014
Ubicación: Germany
Organizador: Deutsche Weinakademie GmbH-DWA

País: Germany

Educating young wine professionals is an important focus in the work of the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) when implementing the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) initiative in Germany. During a one-day seminar, students learn about health benefits of moderate wine drinking, the associated risks to excessive consumption as well as the legal framework regarding advertising of alcoholic beverages.

Besides raising awareness among the young wine trainees about the problems associated with alcohol, it is very important for the DWA to see that once the students have taken the course, they are able to answer consumers’ questions competently.

To further monitor the success of these seminars, and see how much knowledge was retained, students have to complete a questionnaire both after the seminar and several months later. To thank the students for participating in the survey, the DWA organizes a raffle every year with the help of the German Wine Queen. This year’s German Wine Queen, Janina Huhn, raffled the prizes; Kathrin Knob from the DLR Mosel vocational school won a well-equipped picnic back bag and Alexander Spöri from the Christiane Herzog vocational school in Heilbronn a t-shirt.

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