Prevention of alcohol misuse Round table discussion: Binge drinking or Art de Vivre or is there anything in between?

12 Mayo 2011 - 12 Mayo 2011
Ubicación: Berlin
Organizador: Deutsche Weinakademie GmbH-DWA

País: Germany

This controversial topic was discussed by representatives of different stakeholders such as: Lawyer J. Busse (German Advertising Standards Council), Dr. S. Etgeton (Federal Consumer Protection Association), Dr. T. Holzer (Federal Ministry of Health, Department of the German Drug Commissioner), Dr. R. Nickenig (German Wine Sector) and Prof. N. Worm (University for Prevention and Health Management, Saarbrücken, Germany).

The meeting aimed at discussing the responsibilities of various stakeholders with regard to preventing the misuse of alcoholic beverages with journalists, members of professional organisations, members of parliament and several other influential actors. It was an excellent opportunity to foster existing and to promote new partnerships.

3,371 people considered as influential actors were reached through this activity.

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