Munskänkarna’s “Wine City of the Year”

08 Mayo 2018 - 01 Enero 1970


Every year, the Swedish wine club, Munskänkarna elects the wine city of the year, selected based on a number of criteria, among which vicinity, quality and innovation.

The Munskänkarna is the largest non-profit association for wine education and wine tasting in the world, with more than 25 300 members. It counts local associations in 170 cities and villages, mostly in Sweden, and all together organises 1 500 wine tastings, with about 65 925 participants every year, and 450 courses, with 5 000 participants.

We have asked, Lena Ståhl, president of Munskänkarna, to give us more details on this annual award ceremony.

    1. What is the wine city of the year?

The Wine City of the Year is an award that Munskänkarna gives out every year. We put the focus on regions that are of interest and which might have undergone some recent interesting developments.

Given the national context, we also make sure that the wines are available in Systembolaget, the only retail store allowed to sell alcoholic beverages in Sweden. Indeed, we want all our members in Sweden to experience a wine tasting from the chosen region.

    2. How did it all start?

The idea was to help our members discover the different wine regions from around the world and give them a broader knowledge on the regional culture, the history, and traditions as well as the more recent developments undertaken.

    3. What criteria does Munskänkarna follow to elect the wine city of the year?

Aside from the specific criteria such as vicinity, quality and innovation, we also very much appreciate discovering less renowned or unknown wine regions. As explained before, we should also have the possibility to find the wines of the winning region in Sweden.

It is always a plus when a region gladly welcomes this award and warmly welcomes our members to come visit the region and its surrounding areas.

    4. How can a wine city apply?

It is not up to a wine city or region to apply. Every year, we ask our members to send us some proposals, we then gather all of them and it is the board of Munskänkarna that will take the final decision of who will be next year’s wine region.

    5. Do you already have an idea for next year’s year?

We can’t tell you anything specific yet, but what we can say is that we have already received several suggestions to choose from; and the final winner will be elected in the autumn. Stay tuned!

    6. What would be your advice to wineries to offer a responsible wine tourism experience?

Wineries should join Wine in Moderation as WiM Supporters and try to set simple Wine in Moderation actions in place. For example, to offer a responsible wine tourism experience, wineries should: not offer wine to underage people, always remember to put a spittoon on the table, and of course, always have water available.

Munskänkarna joined the Wine in Moderation movement in 2016 and has been informing and educating Swedish wine consumers ever since.

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