“Mediterranean Diet” – the third edition of a week dedicated to moderation

06 Julio 2015 - 10 Julio 2015
Ubicación: Porto, Portugal
Organizador: Sogrape Vinhos

País: Portugal

Sogrape Vinhos held the third edition of its annual week “Let’s take a measure of life” from 6 to 10 July. With a special focus on the “Mediterranean diet”, this year’s edition aimed at stressing the importance of moderation in the consumption of wine and food and regular exercise.

Once again, Sogrape Vinhos employees had the opportunity to learn more about new and useful information on various topics. A great number of informative posters were exhibited in the facilities and new Wine in Moderation leaflets were distributed to the staff.

A brochure fully dedicated to the “Mediterranean diet” was also developed, giving tips and guidance about health and well-being. With examples of meals and seasonal food from Mediterranean countries, the brochure aims at informing consumers on the importance of a moderate consumption of wine, a balanced diet and the need to exercise on a regular basis.

Besides information leaflets and brochures, activities were also planned to encourage physical exercise. Football and basketball games were organised alongside daily walk through the gardens of the facilities, and fitness and dance classes with a personal trainer. A cross-country race also took place.

Alongside WIM leaflets and the new brochure on the Mediterranean diet, all Sogrape Vinhos employees received a deck of cards with a quiz on moderation and responsibility to test their knowledge on the topic.

This important event which aims at raising awareness on moderate consumption of wine is part of the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme in Portugal and was organised in the frame of Sogrape Vinhos’ commitment to the Alcohol and Health National Forum in Portugal – “Alcohol in the workplace”.

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