Fashion and wine in Porto

28 Septiembre 2017 - 28 Septiembre 2017
Ubicación: Porto, Portugal
Organizador: Associação das Empresas de Vinho do Porto - AEVP

País: Portugal

It is during the Porto Fashion Week Night Out (PFWNO) that AEVP organised the “Wine Urban Art/Wine Spot” during which the Street Artist “Contra” created a live graffiti representing a glass of wine. Port wine cocktails were offered to the guests together with information about the appreciation of wine in moderation through leaflets, postcards, cup bases, etc.

With more than 100 local shops remaining open after hours, between clothing, decoration and design shops, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, art galleries promoting an evening of shopping, it is the whole city of Porto that was animated, creating the perfect atmosphere to taste and appreciate a glass of wine.

Porto Fashion Week was first organised in 2013 to present Portuguese textiles to the world.

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