Cracheur d' Or (Golden Spitter Contest)

01 Noviembre 2011 - 30 Noviembre 2011
Ubicación: Salon de Paris
Organizador: CEVI

País: France

The Independent Wine Growers of France decided to promote moderation in a playful and original way.

They organise each year during the biggest Wine Fair in Paris (more than 150.000 visitors), the "Golden Spitter Contest”, a contest for the best spitter. As spitting is necessary for a quality tasting, this contest gave the opportunity for professional and consumers to get rid of their stereotypes and complexes about wine tasting.

The winegrowers teach the visitors how to spit and to explore the wealth of the quality wines that they produce without exceeding moderation guidelines.

In addition to the spittoons, breathalysers are available on every stand (1,000 exhibitors, 140,000 visitors) and the message of moderation is communicated.

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