Celebrating the 120 years of Wine Importers in the Netherlands

06 Febrero 2019 - 01 Enero 1970


This year marked the 120 years of the Royal Dutch Wine Importers of the Netherlands (KVNW), who organised a symposium to celebrate this important milestone.

The event, which took place last February, gathered an important number of leading experts to present and discuss the latest trends and developments that will influence the wine trade and wine consumption in the coming decades: food trends, climate change, rise of online sales and platforms, etc.

The rising interest in low-alcohol or dealcoholized wines was also mentioned, together with the search for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with consumers looking more and more towards the origin of the products and their local availability.

The Dutch association, which joined Wine in Moderation in 2015, has been indeed actively promoting programmes and information about the responsible consumption of wine and healthy lifestyles since the beginning. And KVNW president Peter van Houtert confirmed their intention to keep this important topic high on the agenda by further strengthening their cooperation with Dutch winegrowers who share their common interests in terms of responsible consumption and sustainability.

They will continue educating consumers about wine as part of a healthy lifestyle, while the latest trends and developments will offer new opportunities and lead to new and innovative projects in which the KVNW intends to play a greater role in future years.

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