Celebrating 10 years, looking forwards

16 Octubre 2018 - 01 Enero 1970


Editorial by Stylianos Filopoulos, Director, WiM Association

Celebrating 10 years, looking forwards

The people embracing a culture of moderation and sustainability in the wine business came together to celebrate Wine in Moderation’s 10th anniversary, share best practices and plan the future.

Celebrating growth and diversity

The people who lead the way and full-heartedly spread the Wine in Moderation message gathered in Reims, Champagne between 16 and 18 October.

Champagne wine is known for celebrating special moments and 2018 was indeed a milestone for Wine in Moderation as we turned 10 years old. We celebrated a programme that has managed to escape from the Brussels “bubble” and successfully become an international and credible reference in social responsibility. A programme that unites wine professionals from around the world and different horizons under one common vision; a sustainable wine culture to inspire well-being and healthy lifestyles.

Wine in Moderation thrives because it embraces the wines’ unique diversity, and our event in Reims was the opportunity to celebrate this diversity, get to know each other and learn from each other.

The wealth of national Wine in Moderation stories was presented through an exhibition of posters displayed around the event venues. The posters showed the diversity and mosaic of actions that have marked Wine in Moderation along the years, with participants proudly presenting and introducing their activities and important involvement.

“All the Wine in Moderation stories, together with our anniversary video and the programme timeline and performance can be found on the dedicated website 10years.wineinmoderation.com”

Nonetheless, the event in Reims was not only about celebrating the past, but also and most importantly the time to reflect on what lies ahead.

Planning the future of the Wine in Moderation Programme

Surrounded by leading thinkers, experts and people with hands-on the Wine in Moderation programme, the well-planned co-creation sessions during the 2 days of working meetings, proved to be an important step in understanding the future waves of challenges and opportunities, and the bold steps that we have to take to sustain and further grow Wine in Moderation.

Special focus was put on the three founding pillars of the programme: Science, Self-Regulation and Education; looking to identify good practices and tools but also needs at national and local level to allow a better implementation of the Wine in Moderation programme. Recent tools that were launched were presented, and ideas for innovative approaches were well noted and are already under development.

Our 10-years’ celebration was a milestone, renewing the commitment and strengthening the motivation of the people and organisations already involved in the programme; but this is not a programme only for the wine business this is a movement open to everyone who shares our values and likes to contribute to a shared vision.

“Wine in Moderation is not only about wine business, it is about defending the virtue of moderation, defending the right to enjoy life without fear”

I would like to thank all of you for your endorsements, constructive critique and efforts all these years and close this short editorial with the WiM Association’s Board inspiring anniversary message closing statement:

"As we look and move forwards into the future, to new challenges and consumer values, a word of thanks to all who have walked together with us on this path so far, and a word of welcome to those who will join us on the march to keep the culture of wine alive and stronger than ever”.

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