Bodegas de Argentina celebrates 25 years of the French paradox

22 Junio 2017 - 26 Junio 2017
Ubicación: Argentina
Organizador: Bodegas de Argentina

País: Argentina

The term “French paradox” refers to the observation, in 1992, that while both the French and Americans have a diet high in saturated fats, smoke cigarettes and exercise little - all risk factors for cardiovascular disease - the French have a significantly lower risk of getting cardiovascular disease than the Americans: 36% compared to 75%.

Many consistent research studies that followed showed that moderate drinkers, especially of wine, have lower rates of many diseases, cardiovascular disease in particular, and live longer; showing a J-shaped relation between the intake of alcoholic beverages and subsequent morbidity/mortality, indicating that there are both beneficial and harmful effects of ethanol on health.

Bodegas de Argentina celebrated the 25th anniversary of this landmark research with a Wine and Health Symposium under the Wine in Moderation Argentinean programme, examining the latest research supporting or challenging the French Paradox, that was presented 25 years ago, understanding its relevance to today lifestyle and the risk of cardiovascular diseases

The symposium which took place both in Buenos Aires and Mendoza featureed Dr. Dominique Lansmann-Petithory and Raul Francisco Pastor as guest lecturers to present all the latest research about wine and health.

For more information about wine, health and social aspects, we invite you to visit the Wine Information Council website.

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