Because moderation can be refreshing !

17 Julio 2017 - 21 Julio 2017
Ubicación: Porto, Portugal
Organizador: Sogrape Vinhos

País: Portugal

Between the 17th and the 21st of July, Sogrape Vinhos held the 5th edition of its annual “Let’s take measure of life” week, as part of the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre programme and its commitment to the Alcohol and Health National Forum.

With summer’s arrival, Sogrape Vinhos employees experienced once again a week filled with healthy activities, which highlighted the need for moderation in the consumption of alcohol, diet and exercise.

The 5th edition of Wine in Moderation week featured a refreshing debut: a menu with healthy meals and low-alcohol “wine cocktails”. To complement light meals like arugula salad with pear and cheese or tuna wraps with vegetables and tomatoes, employees tasted different cocktails recipes such as Pineapple Gazela or Sweet Moderation with Mateus Rosé. Besides all the activities planned to encourage physical exercise, daily walks and fitness classes, the second edition of the “WIM Games without Frontiers” also encountered a great success.

For the fifth consecutive year, over 600 employees had the opportunity to learn more about the correct consumption of alcohol. A great number of informative posters were exhibited in the facilities and 600 Wine in Moderation leaflets were distributed to the staff. This important event aims at raising awareness on the responsible consumption of wine and alcohol, and draw people’s attention on the importance of physical activity and a healthy diet.

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