Are wine hackatons compatible with moderation?

02 Mayo 2018 - 02 Mayo 2018
Ubicación: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Organizador: Bodegas de Argentina

País: Argentina

Last May, bloggers, journalists, influencers and wine enthusiasts all joined the cultural city of Konex in Buenos Aires to live a new communication experience uniting the virtual and the real world.

The #WineHackaton joined forces with #EnjoyMalbec with the aim of making wine tasting a trending topic on social media, through comments and photos, communicating to a wider wine community in Argentina. Wine in Moderation was also part of the adventure accompanying the event with the responsible message and looking to reach and enable an increasing number of wine consumers.

Other activities included chats with winemakers, a communication contest via social networks, raffles among the participants registered in the #WineHackaton App, live music by Marcelo Pelleriti, winemaker and musician, etc.

More info: http://winehackaton.com/

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @WineHackaton

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @EnjoyMalbec

#winehackaton y #enjoymalbec

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