ASOVINOS promotes the Wine in Moderation programme at Expovinos 2020

22 Octubre 2020 - 01 Noviembre 2020
Organizador: ASOVINOS

País: Colombia

ASOVINOS participated in one of the biggest wine fairs in Colombia carried out by the Éxito Group: Expovinos2020. A regular guest at the Expo, ASOVINOS always has a dedicated space to talk about their commitment to the Wine in Moderation Programme and encourage a responsible consumption of wine.

As many other events this year, Expovinos 2020 took place online: ASOVINOS thus promoted the Wine in Moderation Programme through an intervention during the virtual tastings. A picture containing a responsible message was also shared during the online event and the Wine in Moderation logo has been visible on the website of Expovinos 2020 throughout the fair.

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