ACIBEV on stage for two new breathalyser tests initiatives

26 Octubre 2018 - 04 Noviembre 2018
Ubicación: Portugal
Organizador: Associação de Vinhos e Espirituosas de Portugal - ACIBEV

País: Portugal

ACIBEV participated once again to two important consumer wine fairs in Lisbon offering free breathalyser tests to visitors at “Grandes Escolhas – Vinhos & Sabores” and “Encontro com o Vinho e Sabores” – as part of their Wine in Moderation activities.

With the aim to raise awareness about the risks of drinking and driving, ACIBEV carried out 1668 breathalyser tests and distributed 1668 brochures with relevant information on moderate and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages, units of measurement and the legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limits for driving in Portugal.

Driving indeed requires physical, visual, auditory, tactile and psychological abilities which can be affected by the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is therefore always advised to avoid drinking when driving.

In addition to the breathalyser tests, 700 brochures were handed out to visitors, containing information about the guidelines for low-risk consumption and about the responsibilities involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Aiming to sensitize the visitors about messages of a moderate and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages, ACIBEV has also distributed over 300 leaflets with a QR Code, which allows consumers to access ACIBEV’s new social responsibility video.

Through this initiative, ACIBEV has reached over 6150 visitors with the breathalyser tests held in the last 6 events in Lisbon.

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