A 2017 Retrospective

18 Diciembre 2017 - 01 Enero 1970


With 2017 coming to an end, we are delighted to look back at yet another year of growth and co-creation. Numerous activities, new members and partners, participation at international expos and important milestones have marked this year, bringing Wine in Moderation to the next level.

Exemplary action in Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal (ACIBEV & AEVP), Germany, Greece, Austria, etc. show the tireless efforts of both new and oldest members, partners and supporters to promote and inspire a sustainable culture of wine.

International wine expos were also at the heart of this year with actions at ProWein, Vinexpo, Vinitaly, London Wine Fair and other local fairs. Talks and conferences were organised, and a large number of bilateral meetings took place; reaching out to wineries and the larger wine sector to show the importance of the Wine in Moderation programme.

We are proud and honoured to count on the interest and important commitment of the new partners and members such as WSET and the Lithuanian Sommelier School which joined the Wine in Moderation movement during the year.

Wine in Moderation also launched important initiatives and tools, with the aim of constantly engaging and encouraging social responsibility. The online registration tool allowing all the wine business to register as a WiM Supporter and be authorised the use of the Wine in Moderation logo was developed and opened in May 2017; the website was made available in four additional languages; and implementation guide for wineries was developed and further translated in additional languages. For the third year in a row, we also had the pleasure of sponsoring the Born Digital Wine Awards (BDWAbyWIM) that recognise responsible voices of the wine sector.

The Wine in Moderation Symposium “Responsible Wine Tourism for a Sustainable Wine Culture” which took place in Santorini early November, touched upon the increasingly important topic of wine tourism on which we will be working on more in the coming years.

The Wine in Moderation members also took the opportunity to elect the new WiM Board for the next three years.

We sealed the year by participating at an event in the European Parliament “Moderate alcohol consumption within a balanced lifestyle” where our President, George Sandeman, presented the significant evolution of the programme to a full room.

The fact that Angela Merkel proudly carried her t-shirt with the Wine in Moderation logo or that it was a the Swedish wine consumer club Munskänkarna, member of the WiM Association, who won this year’s world championship in wine tasting, was just the cherry on the cake!

And it is on these great facts that we will bid you farewell for 2017. After a full year, we are all happy to take a healthy, peaceful and creative break in the occasion of the Christmas holidays, to “recharge our batteries” and get back in 2018 to celebrate the 10-years anniversary of the Wine in Moderation programme together with all of you.

All that remains now is to wish you great holidays and a happy 2018!

Stay tuned for next year’s celebration!

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