Wine in Moderation continues expansion in South America and welcomes Colombia

Press Release – Brussels, July 3rd, 2018 – The Colombian association, ASOVINOS, joins Wine in Moderation confirming the position of the responsible movement on the South American continent and strengthening the reach of the message in the region.

Colombia becomes the fourth country from South America to join Wine in Moderation which will count on ASOVINOS to be the national contact point of the programme in the country and who will be responsible for the planning, coordination and accountability of Wine in Moderation in Colombia.

ASOVINOS, the trade/importers association, has been fully committed to encouraging the responsible consumption of wine since the creation of the association, including the moderation message in all its programmes and campaigns with the motto “Enjoy the best aspects of drinking without the harmful outcomes of consuming in excess”.

President of ASOVINOS, Luz María Gonzalez de Bedout, commented "We are truly honored for having the opportunity to coordinate the Wine in Moderation programme in Colombia. We are aware of the importance of actively engaging in the promotion and adoption of responsible consumption habits and practices that allow wine to achieve its consolidation as the best choice to accompany a celebration, a meal, a daily conversation, provided that its consumption is moderate. We know there is a lot of work to be done, but finally we all lead along the same paths. We all want the best for our families and communities and it is up to all of us to wisely promote responsible consumption".

George Sandeman, President of the WiM Association, also said “Welcoming ASOVINOS in Wine in Moderation only confirms their strong commitment to encourage the responsible and moderate consumption of wine. We look very much forward to working together in their goal to inform their consumers and professionals on the appreciation of wine.”

The membership of ASOVINOS was approved during the Wine in Moderation General Assembly which took place in Stockholm. All members present gladly welcome ASOVINOS.

This new membership consolidates the existing strong ties between Wine in Moderation and the South American continent where Bodegas de Argentina, Vinos de Chile and Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura de Uruguay (2018) are already taking action to encourage a sustainable culture of wine; and further establishes Wine in Moderation as the social responsibility movement of the global wine sector.

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