UNWTO Hails Wine Tourism as an approach to Sustainable Rural Development

UNWTO called for wine tourism to be made part of national tourism and rural development policies at the 3rd UNWTO Wine Tourism Conference in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (6-7 September 2018). The two days of discussions engaged experts from 30 countries and addressed UNWTO’s priority of enhancing tourism’s socioeconomic benefits, looking at specific segments like wine tourism. Wine in Moderation was also present to add the topic of responsible drinking in the sustainable development of wine businesses.

Eight key areas of action emerged from the conference among which the need for: a Wine Tourism Strategy and Governance; Partnerships and Co-creation; Community engagement and Empowerment at local level; etc. All concepts which are at the heart of the Wine in Moderation Programme and key values for its thousands of supporters.

Wine tourism is indeed a key tool in communicating the origins, specificity and the culture of wine, and plays an important role in revealing and safeguarding the great cultural heritage of wine. It is the opportunity for wineries to contact their customers and pass the message of moderation and responsibility.

For more information on the conference and to see all the presentations, visit the dedicated website: http://affiliatemembers.unwto.org/event/3rd-unwto-global-conference-wine-tourism

2018 UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism

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