PRESS RELEASE: Wine Brotherhoods share their love and their reason for wine through the Wine in Moderation

Press Release – Paris, 3 June 2016 – The International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods confirms its commitment to promoting a sensible enjoyment of wine by joining Wine in Moderation.

WiM Association, the international coordinator of the Wine in Moderation Programme, welcomed the International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods (FICB) as Associated Partner of the Programme in an event that took place in the Wine Museum of Paris on 3rd of June.

The FICB and Wine in Moderation share common values around the strong links of wine with society, the long-standing tradition of wine appreciation, and its harmonious association with food and gastronomy while keeping an eye on the future. The Partnership agreement signed between the two international associations to support the implementation of the Wine in Moderation programme aims to raise awareness on the risks of abusive use of alcohol by inspiring responsible patterns of wine consumption, compatible with healthy lifestyles.

More specifically, it is looking towards enhancing the involvement of its wine brotherhoods members in the promotion of reasonable consumption, in particular on the occasion of events they organise and in their communication, further promoting the love and reason that the wine brotherhoods have been sharing now for hundreds of years.

George Sandeman, President of the WiM Association said “Wine is part of a millennia old heritage. Inspiring moderation and responsibility is key when passing the traditions and culture to future generations.”

Noélie Genevey, Treasurer of the WiM Association, also commented “We are honoured to sign this partnership with the Wine Brotherhoods which are a living example of exchange and openness, qualities required for a wine lover! We are determined to work together to further spread the message of moderation”.

The very motto of F.I.C.B., “sharing the reason and the love for wine”, embeds the concept of reasonable consumption which is explicitly mentioned in our international charter of wine brotherhoods. The wine brotherhoods members of F.I.C.B. thus promote the qualitative tasting of wines and the harmonious association of wine and food. it is therefore naturally that F.I.C.B. has engaged into a partnership with “wine in moderation-art de vivre”, whose values and objectives it shares” said Alan Bryden, President of the International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods.

This new partnership will also be announced during the biannual congress of the FICB which will take place in California mid-June.

About us

Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre Programme

The Wine in Moderation Programme is a programme created by the wine sector to inspire healthy lifestyles and well-being, and contribute to the reduction of alcohol related harm.

The programme builds on scientific evidence, education and self-regulation to organise and empower the entire international wine value chain, in raising awareness and knowledge about responsible drinking patterns and moderate wine consumption.

Wine in Moderation is a common programme centrally coordinated and implemented nationally, with the capacity to adapt into local needs respecting cultural diversity.

WiM Association

The WiM Association is the international not for profit association founded by wine sector associations and leading wine companies, that centrally coordinates the Wine in Moderation programme and expands its reach and impact throughout the world.

International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods

The International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods (hereby mentioned as F.I.C.B.) is the international federation of wine brotherhoods. Its object is to:

  • increase the exposure of wine-growing regions across the globe and their production;
  • publicise and promote the wine brotherhoods which, at the level of a country, a region or a district, maintain the traditions, promote the nobility and quality of wine and disseminate information and good practices on its reasoned consumption and its harmonious association to gastronomy;
  • promote the art of wine tasting, reasoned and reasonable;
  • facilitate the friendly exchange of information and experience amongst its members.

For more information, please contact

Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Aisbl

Director: Stylianos Filopoulos

Τ. +32 488 790 724


International Federation of Wine Brotherhoods

President: Alan Bryden

Τ. +33 1 46 47 57 99



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