Responsible consumption at a restaurant
Delicious food, cosy atmosphere, passionate sommelier... the restaurant is the ideal place to enjoy wine. Our tips for moderate wine consumption:

  • A 750ml wine bottle will fill about 7 glasses. This is too much? Ask for half a bottle.
  • Wine by the glass. This is the perfect idea since everyone will choose according to his tastes. This is also an opportunity to make discoveries ... with confidence!
  • No question of depriving a glass of wine to accompany a tasteful dish, but remember there are some people that should avoid drinking.
  • Avoid drinking if you drive, designate a driver, call a taxi or use public transport.
Responsible consumption at a party
Tonight you throw a party.

Wine is an essential part of your celebration and here are our tips for encouraging moderate wine consumption:

  • Select your wines carefully. If necessary, ask a sommelier. Dare to discover new labels, be curious and bold! Anticipate the number of wine lovers among your guests and keep in mind that a bottle serves 4 people.
  • Respecting and appreciating wine is one of the best ways to avoid abuse. So serve your wine in elegant glasses and taste it carefully: colour, aroma, taste.
  • Organise your wine service in order to avoid filling the glasses more than 4 times in the evening. Also serve non-alcoholic beverages: water, fruit juices, sodas.
  • Accompany wine with food specialties and encourage your guests to taste them: diced vegetables and light sauces, cheese, biscuits or small snacks.
  • Stop serving wine an hour before the end to those who will take the wheel. And don’t forget to serve coffee and teas.
Dr. Nicolai Worm
Name: Dr. Nicolai Worm
Title: Nutritionist, Chair of the Wine Information Council

Dr. Nicolai Worm shares knowledge by highlighting the scientific evidence of wine and health aspects and by revealing practices of moderate consumption.

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