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26 SEPT 2016

Vin et Societe partners with Kedge Business School

Vin & Société and KEDGE Business School: an educational partnership

With education at the core of its activities, Vin & Société has been developing projects to meet the challenges associated with responsible consumption. The French association signs a partnership with the KEDGE Business School to train the new managers of the French and international wine industry on issues related to responsible drinking.



Master of Port A Responsible Master of Port
26 September 2016
The 17th edition of Master of Port which is set to take place in 2017, will be launched today, 26 September. The Portuguese Ambassador in France, accompanied by Mrs. Edith Cayard, President of the Union des Grandes Marques Porto and Mr. Philippe Faure-Brac for the French Sommelerie, bring together important actors of the Port Wine in France, for the preview screening of the movie "A year in Port" which will launch this prestigious event.
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AEVP Booklet - VCM Comic books to explain how wine is best enjoyed in moderation
21 September 2016
With the aim of giving more targeted information to the young adults visiting the “Pedagogical Centre about Port and Douro Wines”, the Association of Port Wine Companies (AEVP) has recently developed new Wine in Moderation bookletspresenting the moderation message in a simpler and more comic way.
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Jeux sans frontieres - Sogrape Vinhos Let’s take a measure of life – 4th edition of the healthy week at Sogrape Vinhos
05 - 09 September 2016
In the frame of the Wine in Moderation programme in Portugal and its commitment to the Alcohol and Health National Forum, Sogrape Vinhos organised the 4th edition of its annual week “Let’s take a measure of life”. With a special focus on “Health without frontiers”, this year’s edition emphasized once again on the three pillars: drinking in moderation, good diet and exercise.
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Eat! Brussels Drink! Bordeaux Eat! Brussels Drink! Bordeaux is responsible once again
8 - 11 September 2016
For the third year in a row, Eat! Brussels Drink! Bordeaux takes on the moderation message and integrates it in its communication. Fully dedicated to the discovery of gastronomies from around the world, the festival also puts forward the link between gastronomy and wine by welcoming Bordeaux wines to the party.
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EDOAO joins WiM Association The National Organization of Vine and Wine of Greece joins the international WiM Association
21 September 2016
The National Inter-Professional Organization of Wine and Vine (EDOAO) becomes National Coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme in Greece. Wine in Moderation–Art de Vivre is an international programme of the wine sector to inspire healthy lifestyles and well-being, and to contribute to the reduction of alcohol related harm. The programme counts the membership of 15 national wine associations in Europe and South America and actions have been developed in more than 25 countries.
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WiM Workshop
Rust, Austria
1st Wine Tourism Congress,
Petros M. Nomikos Conference Center
Santorini, Greece
05 14-16
39th World Vine and Wine Congress
Bento Gonçalves, Brazil
Born Digital Wine Awards brought to you by Wine in Moderation
23-28 TBC

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