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08 MAY 2020

Vin et Société launches communication initiatives during COVID-19 crisis

Covid-19. For those who stay at home and for those who go to work, the period of quarantine raises a lot of questions and sometimes generates stress. It is a daily challenge that has an impact on our lifestyles and our relationship with others.

With a big part of the world under quarantine, a lot of organisations have been trying to keep in touch with their customers and consumers. Vin et Société has joined the movement and has developed a number of initiatives to inform wine consumers about the moderate consumption of wine during quarantine.

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Wine & Covid-19
NO proven positive effect of wine on covid-19
30 March 2020

Media outlets have recently been publishing articles that wine could have a positive effect on Covid-19.
Although a moderate and responsible consumption of wine can contribute to better hygiene of the oral cavity and the pharynx (the area where viruses nest during infections), at this time we can NOT extrapolate from this that it protects/works against Covid-19.
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Sogrape develops leaflets with new Wine in Moderation message 'Choose, Share, Care'
30 March 2020

Following the renewal of the Wine in Moderation brand, Sogrape has developed new leaflets highlighting the new motto “Choose, Share, Care”.
With new colors and a more fun and friendly graphic line, the new leaflets contain a guide for a responsible consumption of wine, guidelines for low-risk consumption and the units of measurement.

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Vin et Société partners with the French Union of Sommeliers during the COVID-19 crisis
March 2020 - Today

Philippe Faure-Brac, Best Sommelier of the World 1992 and current President of the French Union of Sommeliers, launched in partnership with Vin & Société, an Insta Lives meeting called #TastewhileConfined starting Tuesday, April 14 inviting their respective communities on Instagram to stay in touch during the lock down, and to preserve moments of sharing and conviviality.
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These articles are based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the Wine Information Council web database.

A Mediterranean-style eating pattern can also prevent diabetes outside the Mediterranean setting

Those who live and eat the Mediterranean way have a lower risk to develop type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. A Mediterranean diet is thus recommended as preventative measure in the US. However, will a Mediterranean-style eating pattern without the famous Mediterranean lifestyle have the same positive effects? The ARIC (Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities) study examined this question and found an inverse relation between the Mediterranean-style eating pattern scores and the risk of type 2 diabetes...
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Lifestyle factor wine can contribute to more years lived without major chronic diseases

A recent large European study examined whether different combinations of lifestyle factors are associated with years lived without chronic diseases…
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Another piece in the puzzle – cognitive benefits of resveratrol

Findings from this study demonstrate a sustained benefit of long-term low dose resveratrol supplementation on overall cognitive function...
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