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06 APRIL 2020

Download the new Wine in Moderation logo 2020
Download Wine in Moderation’s new logo !

After releasing its new visual identity last November, Wine in Moderation is happy to make its new and updated logos available for download!

The updated logos have come to life through the new tagline “CHOOSE I SHARE I CARE”. A tagline that brings the message closer to professionals and consumers, making it more relevant, encouraging moderation and well-being, while supporting the sustainability of rural viticultural areas.

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Wine & Covid-19
NO proven positive effect of wine on covid-19
30 March 2020

Media outlets have recently been publishing articles that wine could have a positive effect on Covid-19.
Although a moderate and responsible consumption of wine can contribute to better hygiene of the oral cavity and the pharynx (the area where viruses nest during infections), at this time we can NOT extrapolate from this that it protects/works against Covid-19.
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New Spanish Wine Commercial Communication Code 2020

Spain launches campaign to promote new Wine in Moderation logo
30 March 2020

Following the update of the logo by Wine in Moderation, the Spanish Wine Interprofessional Organisation also revised the affecting the commercial communications for all national operators. This self-regulation code aims to ensure that commercial communications in the wine sector are responsible to society and advocate moderate consumption.
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French President recognises wine clubs' charter

Charter of wine for French wine clubs recognised by the French President
22 February - 01 March 2020

In 2017, Vin & Société initiated the development of a charter for wine clubs in higher education institutions. This charter lists good tasting practices (free water, spittoons, etc.) and allows students to learn about the rules applicable to the creation and sustainability of an oenological club within their institution.
The charter currently has 12 co-signatory clubs. Vin & Société undertakes to make available to these oenological clubs documentation on the discovery of vines and wine as well as on responsible consumption, spittoons, but also offer preferential prices for the purchase of breathalysers.
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Essencia do Vinho 2020

ACIBEV promotes Wine in Moderation at the 17th edition of EssEncia do Vinho
26 - 28 February 2020

ACIBEV was present at the 17th edition of one of Portugal’s leading consumer wine fair “Essência do Vinho”, in Oporto, to promote two programmes – “Wine in Moderation” and “Responsible Service creates Sustainable Business”.
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Essencia do Vinho 2020

Another new record of Breathalyzer tests set at EssEncia do Vinho by Sogrape
26 - 28 February 2020

From 1’685 in 2019 to 1’937 in 2020, Sogrape set a new record of breathalyzer tests at the 17th edition of “Essência do Vinho”, which took place in Oporto from 20 to 23 February. As part of the promotion of the Wine in Moderation programme and its commitment to the Alcohol and Health National Forum, Sogrape carried out almost two thousand breathalyser tests, which revealed values between 0 and 3.30 g/l.
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Yoga in the wineries in Argentina 2020

March: a busy month for Bodegas de Argentina & Wine in Moderation
26 - 28 February 2020

The events season in Argentina continued early February with the annual yoga event organised in the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the Expo Vea Mendoza which saw the participation of more than 500 visitors and last but not least the annual event celebrating the harvest. All events were accompanied by the Wine in Moderation responsible message, brochures and tips for a moderate consumption of wine as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle were shared with the visitors. More than 1000 people attended these events.
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These articles are based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the Wine Information Council web database.

Wine, sparkling wine & Co: health effects may depend on the beverage type

Over the past few decades, many studies reported that moderate drinkers of alcoholic beverages had a lower morbidity and mortality risk compared to non-drinkers (J-curve). Recent studies have raised concerns that even low to moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages may not offer any protection and it would be best to avoid drinking all together. The authors of the current study wanted to shed some light about this uncertainty and examined the association of different alcoholic beverage types with various health outcomes. The wine and sparkling wine drinkers will be pleased about the results…
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Wine consumption and Alzheimer Disease

This review aimed to critically summarize the main relevant studies to clarify the relationship between wine drinking and Alzheimer Disease (AD), as well as how frequency and/or the amount of drinking may influence the effects of AD.
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Drinking patterns seem to matter

This current study examined for the first time the impact of heavy episodic drinking and the subsequent risk of breast cancer risk in a middle-aged Mediterranean population. A binge drinking habit was directly associated with a higher incidence of breast cancer. The risk of breast cancer markedly increased for women in the binge drinking category.
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