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14 AUGUST 2019

42nd OIV Congress

“From scientific analysis to media and policy”: a sober analysis

The 42nd World Congress of Vine and Wine was held in Geneva, Switzerland earlier in July. Ursula Fradera & Prof. Nicolai Worm, respectively, scientific coordinator for Wine in Moderation and Chair of the Wine Information Council presented their papers on the hot topics of science and risk communication.

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Wine in moderation Activities
from around the world

L'art de recracher - Vin et Société campaign poster

Vin & Société launches information campaign on the art of spitting

3 July 2019

“All those who spit my wine adore it” is the title of Vin et Société’s last campaign that was launched in the presence of bloggers, influencers and the press last 3 July.
Embodied by the men and women of the wine sector, the campaign uses a playful and fun tone to show the “art of spitting” behind the scenes and targets everyone: novices, occasional drinkers or enlightened amateurs.

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Born to be Wine - OIVE 2019

Born to be Wine: Health effects linked to the moderate consumption of wine discussed at OIVE’s annual event

9 July 2019

The Spanish Interprofessional Organisation of Wine (OIVE) held its annual meeting on July 1st in Madrid. Titled “Born to Be Wine”, the event brought together representatives of the entire wine value chain and sought to discuss the contribution of the wine sector in Spain, the projects of the OIVE for the coming years and the trending topic of wine and health.
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Sogrape's annual WiM week

Moderation is our lifestyle!

08 - 12 July 2019

Sogrape Vinhos held the seventh edition of its yearly Wine in Moderation week last July. This year’s edition was built around the new Wine in Moderation message “CHOOSE, SHARE, CARE.”, which is based on the updated Wine in Moderation Brand Strategy.
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 Expovinos Wine Fair 2019

ASOVINOS: a picnic at Expovinos to share the Wine in Moderation culture

31 July - 03 August 2019

ASOVINOS distributed 10,000 water bottles to the fair’s visitors. The water bottles were accompanied by a flyer highlighting the importance of always drinking water when enjoying a glass of wine.
ASOVINOS’ stand which presented a nice picnic area to share and enjoy wine in a caring way, attracted a lot of visitors, becoming the go-to spot for pictures in the fair, and allowing our National Coordinator to share and exchange information with the visitors.
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charter of oenological clubs for higher education

The Wine Society of the University of Reims commits to inform about the responsible consumption of wine

23 May 2019

In the frame of their continuous commitment to encouraging a sustainable consumption of wine, Vin et Société announced that the Wine Society of the University of Reims (SVUR) recently co-signed the founded by the French National Coordinator.
By co-signing this charter, the SVUR commits to respect and implement a set of good practices - including responsible drinking - within its oenological club as well as the applicable legal rules present in said charter.
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These articles are based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the Wine Information Council web database.

Another piece in the puzzle - Can red wine prevent depression?

A new study has shown that the resveratrol found in red wine demonstrates stress relieving effects in anxiety and depression. This could be due to the resveratrol’s ability to control an enzyme in the brain that is linked to stress.
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Less hip fractures in middle-aged wine drinkers?

In this study, the association between the consumption of specific alcoholic beverages and hip fractures was examined.

Data from the Nurses Health Study and from the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study were assessed and pointed toward a lower risk of fractures in moderate wine drinkers, especially among women who consumed red wine.
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July - August 2019




23rd session of the UNWTO General Assembly
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Master of Port 2019

Paris, France
9-13 21
Wine South America
Bento Gonçalves, Brazil

An immersion in the Period of the Prohibition of America in the 20's.
Reims, France

25-27 07-09

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